Friday Night

Friday night, the 22nd of February, there will be a "Welcome Party" at the Lazotea rooftop in Casco.  it is 5 minutes in a taxi from the city hotels. 

The area is reserved from 7.30pm. There will be some music provided by the bar and the bar is open late for anyone who wishes to stay, but the bride and groom will be getting an early night so will be leaving about 11.  


Lazotea Rooftop Bar, Casco

Sunday Afternoon / Evening

On Sunday afternoon from 4pm until late in the evening everyone is invited to the swimming pool are of the JW Marriot Hotel where we will be relaxing and enjoying the pools.  Come in your shorts or swimming gear and relax with us.  We will have an area  reserved from 4pm onwards until 10pm at night. At that point anyone who wishes to continue the party they can go to Casco where the bars are open late.


JW Marriot, Punta Pacifica