Spanish Phrases

 Here are some Spanish phrases that might come in handy during your trip to Panama.

English / Spanish

Basic Phrases

Hi - Hola

Thanks - Gracias

Please - Por favor

Do you speak English? - Hablas Inglés?

Your welcome / At your service - De nada / A la orden

Good Morning / Good Day - Buen Día

Young guy (when getting attention of a young person) - Joven

Sir (when getting attention of of an older person) - Señor

Where is ...... - Donde esta .......

Where is the bathroom - Donde esta el baño

How are you_ - Como estas?

Good Night - Buenas noches

When you meet someone for the first time or saying goodbye

Hi, my name is Paul, nice to meet you - Hola, mi nombre es Paul, mucho gusto.

Hi, nice to meet you - Hola, mucho gusto.

Until Tomorrow - Hasta Mañana

We will see each other tomorrow - Nos vemos mañana

Buying in a store or in a restaurant

How much does it cost? - Cuanto cuesta?

I want one of those - Quiero uno de esos

Does it come with french fries? - Viene con papas fritas?

The bill please - la cuenta por favor

I want to pay with card - Quiero pagar con tarjeta

Phrases for drinking and parties

Cheers - Salud

What time does the bar close - A que hora cierra el bar

Can you bring me a beer - Me puedes traer una cerveza

Another round please - Otra ronda por favor

Phrases for a taxi ride

I want to go to Hard Rock Hotel - Quiero ir a Hard Rock Hotel

I will get out here - Voy a bajar aca

It is very hot today - Hace mucho calor hoy

How much to bring me to Continental Hotel? - Cuanto cuesta para ir a Continental Hotel?


One - Uno

Two - Dos

Three - Tres

Four - Cuatro

Five - Cinco

Six - Seis

Seven - Siete

Eight - Ocho

Nine - Nueve

Ten - Dies