David Brosnan & Nuria Arrascue
Wedding: Sat 23rd February 2019, Panama City


All the details you need for our special day. We can't wait to see you there!

David and Nuria


Who is David?

David is 34 years old and is from Cork, Ireland. He has one brother (Michael), two sisters (Claire and Aoife), and his Mom's name is Angela and his Dad's name is Gerry.  

He likes to travel and explore the world. He has lived and worked in The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Peru, and now Panama. When he is not travelling he likes to play sports such as soccer, golf and cycling.  

He has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager, and has been running his own technology company since 2011. 

Who is Nuria?

 Nuria is 34 years old and from Chiclayo in Peru. She has 3 brothers (Alonso, Franco and Jose) and her Mom's name is Olinda and her Dad's name is Carlos.

Nuria works in Human Resources for a Cosmetics Company called Belcorp. She worked with Belcorp in Peru for a number of years and has been in Panama for the last 4 years.  

Nuria also likes to travel and has travelled around Europe while living in Spain studying for her Masters. When Nuria is not travelling or working she is listening to music, going to concerts of artists from all over the world.

How did they meet?

Nuria and David first met in a cafe called "Haití" in Miraflores in Lima, Peru. David was working in Lima at the time, and Nuria had just come back, having completed her Masters in Spain. They were there as part of a language exchange program where Nuria wanted to practise her English and David wanted to practise his Spanish. The plan was to meet for a drink for one hour in the afternoon. The conversation was flowing and they ended up sitting in the café for over 5 hours.

That day Nuria told David that she would be leaving Peru to move to Panama in a few months. They stayed friends until her departure, and while Nuria was in Panama they stayed in touch. 6 months later, David went to Panama for holidays to see Nuria...... and he never left.

As a couple they have a lot of common interests. They both like to travel, and together have been to Europe, United States, Guatamala, and have  driven all over Panama and Costa Rica. When in Panama City they like to go to the cinema, have barbecues, go to restaurants, concerts, and, take and print photos to put in their home. And of course the long conversations practicing Spanish and English will continue forever.....

Currently, they are creating a home in their new apartment in Panama and would love you to come and join them on their wedding day and see the country that welcomed them. They are sure you will enjoy your stay! 

About Panama

Panama is in Central America and has a population of about 4 million people. It is similar in land mass size to Ireland. Panama has one major city and is called "Panama City". The city is just to the South of the canal. There are many small towns spread throughout the rest of the country.  

It is possible to drive from Panama to Canada, but it is not possible to drive south to South America. In the south of Panama there is a jungle and it is not possible to pass through this jungle, you would have to get a boat around it to go to Colombia, even though they are connected by land.

Panama City is the third city in the world in terms of densely populated sky scrapers. One of the first things you will notice is the height of the buildings when you arrive to Panama City. The sky scrapers range from 40 floors to 60 floors normally. We live on the 42nd floor of our building.

Panama is a very safe city and the people are friendly and easy going and always available to help. Like any big city there are some unsafe areas, so it is important to ask in your hotel about the areas before exploring the city. 

The weather in Panama normally ranges between 27 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. February is the best month of the year to visit Panama as the humidity is at a very comfortable level and it can be quite fresh in the evenings and with lovely blue skies during the daytime. Sunblock is very important during the day. It gets dark about 6.30pm every night, but that is generally when people go out jogging, or for walks, or have barbecues or go to restaurants. It is not unusual to see people playing football on astro turf pitches at midnight, or people out roller blading and jogging at that time. 

Panama uses the US Dollar even though they call it the "Balboa", but it is the exact same currency as is in the United States, so bring your dollars. All major debit and credit cards are accepted in all stores and restaurants. Taxis will only take cash, but with Uber you can pay by card. When paying by card in restaurants it is common to be asked for your id to confirm that the card is yours. So it is always important to carry identification with you.

Plan your Trip

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